Dilit Italian School

Academic Year

This course is designed for those students who need a sound language and cultural foundation in order to study at an Italian Higher Education Institution (University, Academy of Fine Arts, Design Academy and Conservatory) on a bachelor degree (BA) or master degree courses (MA).

It caters also for students who want to spend a year abroad before beginning university in their own country (Gap Year) and also those students who are simply interested in Italian language and culture and want to acquire a high competence.

It starts in March and November, lasts 40 weeks (42 weeks stay for the course starting in November) and is open to beginners and elementary students from all over the world, aged between 18 and 30.
Total lessons: 800 (Language) + 60 (Academic studies)* + 36 (CILS or CELI Exam Preparation).

*According to the students' interests the topic can be two of: History of Italian Art, Italian Fashion, Architecture, Business Italian or Italian for Law.

Course information:

Minimum age: 18

Group size: 5-14

Levels: Beginner

N°. of weeks: 40

Lessons per week: 20

Starting dates:
6th November 2023; 11th March 2024; 4th November 2024
Course book (mandatory) to be paid at school: € 18

Course Timetable:

From Monday to Friday; 09.00-12.20 (with 20 minutes break)(language);
Twice a week; 13.30-16.00 (with 15 minutes break)(Academic Studies);
Twice a week; 13.30-16.00 (with 15 minutes break) (CILS or CELI Exam Preparation).

Course fees

Course fee includes:

Tuition, internal (DILIT) examinations and all materials except course book.

Enrolment fee:

€ 85. Payable once only, on enrolment; valid for all courses and programmes for 12 months. Enrolment fee includes all reception services (accommodation placement, certificates, etc.), use of school facilities, insurance for all activities organized by the school, seminars and social activities ( except dinners, concerts, operas, visits and excursions).

40 Weeks

€ 6990

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