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Why Dilit is the Best Italian Language Schools in Rome

Founded in 1974, Dilit is a distinguished language school specializing in teaching Italian. Our institution offers an extensive range of courses, accessible both at our Rome location and through online platforms, tailored to various age groups and learning preferences, encompassing academic programs, and inclusive learning opportunities.

learn Italian in Rome

As one of the pioneering establishments in Italy to teach Italian as a foreign language, we hold a prominent position today as a premier Italian language school. With a widespread global presence, our network spans over 150 branches across 50 plus countries, symbolizing our extensive reach and international footprint.

Endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Education and affiliated with the International Association of Language Centres (IALC), we proudly serve as an examination centre for both Perugia University CELI examinations and Siena University CILS examinations.

We are renowned for our Teacher Training Department, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education. Our commitment extends worldwide, earning recognition for our dedication to teaching Italian and supporting language learners beyond Italy's borders.

Italian Language Schools Online

Discover the immersive world of learning Italian with Dilt, where language mastery meets convenience through our online courses. Whether you are a beginner or seeking to refine your language skills, our customized programs address various learning requirements.

Engage in interactive sessions through our online group courses. With options for 5, 10, or 20 lessons per week, immerse yourself in a collaborative environment where learning thrives. Join fellow learners in a vibrant digital classroom led by seasoned instructors passionate about your progress.

Prefer a more personalized approach? Our online individual courses offer flexibility and attention to your specific learning goals.

We prioritize quality education, leveraging innovative teaching methods to ensure an enriching learning experience. Our courses are designed to enhance your proficiency, offering a comprehensive understanding of Italian language and culture.

Unveil the beauty of Italian through our online courses, designed to empower and inspire language enthusiasts worldwide. Experience the richness of the language, its nuances, and cultural context while progressing at your comfort and pace.

Join us today and embrace the joy of learning Italian with Dilt's online courses. Elevate your linguistic prowess and unlock a world of opportunities through language mastery.

learn italian language in rome

Italian Language Courses in Rome

In addition to our online classes, we offer a diverse selection of in-person courses in Rome customized to various needs. From intensive courses to specialized programs, our offerings address every level of learning and interest.

Here are some examples of the numerous Italian classes in Rome available within our offerings. They represent just a glimpse of the extensive range of customized courses that cover different interests and proficiency levels.

Italian Courses in Rome for Adults

Embark on a personalized learning journey for adults with Dilt, offering specialized Italian lessons in Rome tailored to specific age groups and professional needs.

Delve into our distinctive courses such as Rome for 30-40 Year-Olds and Rome for 50+, shaped to accommodate the diverse linguistic aspirations of different age brackets.

Alternatively, explore our programs like Business Italian, strategically developed to enhance communication skills in work and business settings, both oral and written. Adapted to participants' needs, this course focuses on commercial italian nuances—telephone etiquette, presentations, negotiations, sales, formal correspondences, reports, emails, and faxes—to foster effective workplace communication.

Instead, join into Italian for Law, aimed at actively engaging participants in understanding fundamental concepts within the Italian legal system. Covering civil law, penal law, and constitutional law, this course promotes dynamic learning through research-based activities. Students play an active role in constructing their knowledge, engaging in challenging tasks to grasp complex legal terminologies. The teacher-student dynamic encourages dialogue, doubt resolution, clarification, and affirmation of hypotheses.

These specialized courses seamlessly complement our Italian language courses, offering a holistic learning experience. At Dilt, we empower adult learners to navigate the Italian language with confidence, providing courses that resonate with professional aspirations and diverse age groups.

Italian language school in Rome

Italian Language Courses in Italy for International Students

We also offer specialized Academic Programmes designed for university students seeking a robust foundation in Italian language and culture. Our meticulously crafted curriculum aims to elevate students at least to a proficient B2 level, meeting the escalating demand for comprehensive language education.

These courses are planned to cater to the specific needs of students aspiring to pursue higher education at Italian institutions such as universities, academies of fine arts, design, and conservatories. With a strong emphasis on language proficiency and cultural immersion, our programs provide the necessary groundwork for seamless integration into the academic sphere.

Not only limited to prospective university attendees, our courses also accommodate students intending to embark on a gap year, allowing them to immerse themselves in Italian language before commencing their higher education journey in their home country. Additionally, these courses are perfect for individuals who simply harbor a keen interest in delving into the richness of Italian cultural heritage.

We understand the significance of a solid linguistic and cultural base for academic pursuits. Our courses are meticulously structured, fostering an environment conducive to learning, growth, and deepening understanding. Through dynamic teaching methodologies and engaging materials, we aim to instill confidence and proficiency in our students.

Join our specialized academic courses at Dilt and embark on a journey that transcends language barriers.

Learn Italian in Rome with Accommodation

If you are wondering how much it costs to learn Italian in Italy, rest assured, we offer competitive prices and various accommodation options customized to your needs. Our courses come with accommodation arrangements for your convenience. Choose from:

  1. Host Family
    • Single or double rooms
    • Self-catering or breakfast/half board
    • Accommodates 1-4 students, shared kitchen/bathroom
  2. Shared Flat
    • Single or double rooms
    • Self-catering
    • Accommodates 2-6 people, shared kitchen/bathroom

Both options offer Standard and Standard Plus categories for varying comfort levels.

Accommodation is available from the Sunday before your course starts until the Saturday after it ends, with extra nights possible. We can also arrange Bed & Breakfast, Hotel stays, or Independent flats to suit your preferences.

Upon inquiry, our school organizes airport transfers for students, ensuring a seamless arrival experience. Experience Rome's charm while mastering Italian at Dilt!


Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What courses do you offer?

Answer: We offer a variety of Italian programs, including group courses, individual courses, and online courses. Our courses cater to different levels of proficiency.

Question 2: Are the teachers qualified?

Answer: Yes, our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching Italian. They use interactive methods to make learning enjoyable.

Question 3: Can I choose accommodation?

Answer: Yes, we provide options for accommodation with Italian host families, shared apartments, or selected hotels to enhance your immersion experience.

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