Dilit Italian School

Italian Language Courses in Rome

Cutting-edge Teaching Methodology

Dilit International House was one of the first schools to adopt a fully communicative approach to the teaching of Italian, and the approach is being up-dated all the time.

Language is never presented out of context; and grammar, phonology, lexis and all other features of actual language use in everyday situations are analysed.

A wide variety of up-to-date authentic material is used in class, thus giving students valuable information about modern-day Italian culture and society at the same time as developing students’ authentic linguistic and communicative skills.

Our permanent teachers, who have been teaching in the school for an average of 12 years, have been selected from our Teacher Training Courses, and they are further required to take part every month in teacher education seminars as part of their working time.


Your Language Course

Individual Courses

Particularly suitable for all who require tuition tailor-made to their individual needs or for students who want to add some tailor-made individual tuition to their Group Courses.

Combined Courses

Particularly suitable for those who need Italian both for general and specific purposes (dealing with specific topics in specific settings and/or other particular aspects of the language). Students attend a 20 lessons/week group course in the morning and individual lessons in the afternoon.

Academic Programmes

These courses have been designed to meet the ever increasing demand of a solid language course and bring students at a B2 (at least) level. The courses are designed for those students who need a sound language and cultural foundation in order to study at an Italian Higher Education Institution (University, Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Design and Conservatory). These courses cater also for students who want to spend a year abroad before beginning at university in their own country (Gap Year) and also those students who are simply interested in Italian language and culture.