Dilit Italian School


The school caters for students from all over the world at all levels and with a wide variety of needs. The minimum age is 16. Each year about 1700 students from more than 60 countries attend our courses. Amongst other advantages, this means it is easy to make friends with classmates of different mother tongues thus encouraging the use of Italian even outside the classroom.

Students in 2022

Top Ten Countries of Origin

Germany 12%
Switzerland 11%
Brazil 9%
France 6%
Austria 6%
Argentina 5%
Netherlands 5%
Sweden 4%
Spain 4%
Norway 4%
Others 34%

Age of Students

16-17 5%
18-25 35%
26-35 25%
36-50 20%
Older 15%

Students' Occupations

Students 35%
Office-Workers 25%
Executives 10%
Church People 5%
Teachers 5%
Other 20%

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