Dilit Italian School

Mission Statement

The school's goal is to offer, in a multiethnic and multicultural contest, an environment and atmosphere where every student day after day feels welcome and the object of the care and attention of all the school's staff.

With the support of a teaching methodology ever-polished over decades of research and experimenting we want to make sure our students experience their study as true personal, intellectual and cultural development.

In order to achieve this goal our teaching and non-teaching staff are highly qualified and have many years of experience, properly employed on the best working conditions of the category and aware, all of us, of being an important part of a shared project.

All services and activities offered by the school, from teaching to leisure time activities and the accommodation office, are aimed at the well-being of each and every student. They are constantly monitored and regularly inspected by international organisations who guarantee proper behaviour, transparency and quality of service.

Finally, each of us is aware that each student has a dream, maybe tiny or maybe huge. For all of us helping our students to realize them is our first priority.

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