Dilit Italian School

Academic Semester

This course is designed for those students who need a sound language and cultural foundation in order to study at an Italian Higher Education Institution (University, Academy of Fine Arts, Design Academy and Conservatory) on a bachelor degree (BA) or master degree courses (MA).

It caters also for students who want to spend a semester abroad before beginning university in their own country (Gap Year) and also those students who are simply interested in Italian language and culture and want to acquire a high competence.

It starts in January and July, lasts 24 weeks and is open to students with a full A2 level from all over the world, aged between 18 and 30.
Total lessons: 480 (Language) + 30 (Academic studies)* + 36 (CILS or CELI Exam Preparation).

*According to the students' interests the topic can be one of: History of Italian Art, Italian Fashion, Architecture, Business Italian or Italian for Law.


Course information:

Minimum age: 18

Group size: 5-14

Levels: A2

N°. of weeks: 24

Lessons per week: 20

Starting date: 8 January 2024, 1st July 2024
Course book (mandatory) to be paid at school: € 18.

Course Timetable:

From Monday to Friday; 09.00-12.20 (with 20 minutes break);
Twice a week; 13.30-16.00 (with 15 minutes break)(Academic Studies);
Twice a week; 13.30-16.00 (with 15 minutes break) (CILS or CELI Exam Preparation).

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