Dilit Italian School

Preparatory Course for Italian Universities

This course prepares students for Italian University Entrance Examinations in the following faculties: Architecture, Engineering, Medicine, Veterinary Studies, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Fine Arts. These Examinations assess language competence, general knowledge and knowledge of the subjects and topics relevant to the Faculty chosen.
The course is open to students with a high school Diploma aged 18+.

The course is made up of 2 parts:

First Part

The first part consists of General Italian language tuition and seeks to supply students with the language knowledge needed to take part profitably in the second part of the course. The skills developed in this part are listening comprehension and spoken production, reading comprehension and written production, and vocabulary expansion with particular reference to the sorts of texts that students will encounter in their entrance examinations.

Second Part

The second part consists of specific preparation in the topics contained in the University Entrance Examinations. Course contents follow the guidelines set out by the Italian Ministry of Education. During the lessons students will deal with specific contents of the chosen university course: logic, physics, mathematics, chemistry, general knowledge, etc. Moreover, past exam papers will be examined and practised.

Course information:

Minimum age: 18

Group size: 3-12

Levels: B1+

N°. of weeks: 6

Lessons per week: 30

Starting date: 1 st July 2024

Course Timetable:

From Monday to Friday; 09.00-12.20 (with 20 minutes break) and 13.30-15.00.

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